chapter 1; page 12 – 13

Posted: 21/08/2010 in agakserius

errr.. i just read (again!) the hottest state, and i remembered that u once asked me to quote its line from the novel which told something about the movie. here it goes, i found it in chapter 1 page 12-13:

“Back at my window, looking out at what was now HER door, I had the profound feeling that my life had changed. I did. Like when a kid lying in bed late at night stares at his dark ceiling and figures out for the last few words to a great novel or the final image before a fantastic movie cuts to black.

Looking back now, with furniture in my new apartment, I realize that I was right: my life had changed. Not in the way I’d thought, though. I hadn’t met the woman I was to grow gray with. I was twenty years old, and by the time I was twenty-one, I’d be heartbroken. I didn’t know that then. I just stared out the window, wondering which light was hers, took out a huge piece of paper, got out a black Magic Marker, and in big, bold block letters wrote “GOOD MORNING” and placed it in the window.”

— they are such promising words of the book itself. although you know, the promise spoken (written) is that you might get sad thoroughly this novel written by a brokenhearted actor cum director as Ethan Hawke. *prettttt…*

  1. ari says:

    was it?
    couldn’t remember much — though i did remember it was something from the early pages in the first chapter — but yes, it’s the closer line:

    “…to a great novel or the final image before a fantastic movie cuts to black…”

    are you sure there are no other phrase that match better?

    or was it my imagination that wandering too far?

    love the book anyhow! ^_^

  2. i should look in other pages then… i love the author anyway *wink*

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