HELP — we’re making our orphans.

Posted: 09/02/2011 in Uncategorized

This notable album was released (and recorded) by the concept behind John Lennon’s instant karma: records like newspapers, should be released as soon as they are recorded. —-I believe, now it would sound like blog. Write, publish then share them in a minute.

Help album is a 1995 charity album devoted to the war child –those who suffer more than anything and anyone you can think of – such as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

15 years later, and five months to be exact, after it was released, the album that features many favorite artists of mine, still remains the same as it used to be. The taste of its bitter-sweet sounds, the beauty that lies amongst the worst, define what it’s so-called a perfect world!

Just perfect…

Really, who can’t say that this album should be re-released as our charity? These days, all I can figure it out is, that one day –I’m quite sure it is soon enough to be– our children would helplessly need this charity.

On this particular dawn, while I’m writing this shite we’re making our war and endangering our children. Don’t gimme that look, because in time I hate to say I told you so. When we keep on fighting each other like we doing lately, don’t say you’re surprised if Kris Novoselic once again releases the same charity album.

Only the title would change: HELP. Indonesia orphans charity.

It is in the process. So collect your dimes, soon we need your pennies to save our children from … you know whatever it is.


Note: my all time fave tracks are Radiohead’s Lucky -later to be on their acclaimed album OK Computer, and the beautiful track of Suede – Shipbuilding (Elvis Costello cover). Both performers -IMHO- truly oh, greatly delivered the song to my ears.


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