how easily they forget to tell how to land

Posted: 19/11/2011 in Uncategorized

the tittle does sum up anything you may find. yes. it is great to fall in love. you feel the excitement, the craziness, all the feelings you might get just right after you step to the edge. jump into the sparks and the thrills that keep you floating in the air. it is such an amazing experience you cant find in daily routine.

but what they always tend to forget to tell is…
they never really tell how to land. you cant be up in the air all the time. there’s such thing called gravity. and it does exist. it’s real. not a fake nor a make believing thing people creating for the movies.

it’s not a question. it is a statement.

i’m about to land. i can never be sure how my landing is gonna be. it has always been ugly. and i reckon this one is pretty much the same. and since this is a statement; i hate to fall in love. i hate the way people always tell me how good it is to fall in love. and i dont find any amusement in how they always forget to tell me how to land after what so ever.

the next time they gonna tell me how great it is to fall in love, you’ll know my respond to it. period.

the hardest parts in flying -and any other sky diving- are the take-offs and the landings. you got the point right?


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